Reliability Engineer

General Summary:

This position reports to the Director of Engineering or his designee and is based in Banbury, UK. Responsible for all aspects of vehicle faults, including gathering fault data, analysis of the data, organizing fault event meetings and day to day database management.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promote teamwork and effective communications to develop working relationships between all personnel and departments.
  • Raise faults as they occur with as much detail as possible to ensure quick and accurate communication to the relevant people and departments.
  • Manage faults list by analyzing faults and ranking them in terms of severity.
  • Assign faults correctly.
  • Organize post-event faults meetings with all relevant departments.
  • Use telemetry software to monitor reliability parameters during all sessions and races. During practice and qualifying sessions, monitor state of the car in the garage and communicate to relevant people if there were issues to be discussed to avoid any reliability issues.
  • Attend all FIA legality tests during the race weekend and report to relevant group of people.
  • During all sessions, observe the status of the cars regularly in the garage.
  • During races assist the Director of Engineering in visually/physically checking the car during a pit stop in cases of contact or damage.
  • Issue accident reports where required at a timely manner. This include review of telemetry data using Atlas.
  • Manage race weekend component allocation including (but not limited to) front wing, floor and brakes.
  • Applying excellent communication skills consistently ensure all the information is accurate and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure excellent information flow between the team and the supplier both at the trackside and at the factory.
  • During race weekend, work with the team to ensure parts lifing is updated
  • Follow all safety regulations in all venues.
  • Assumes any responsibilities and duties delegated by the Director of Engineering or his designee.

Education and Work Experience:

GCSE, High School diploma or equivalent required. Further education including BSEng in mechanical or aerospace engineering. Preferably three years of experience in motor racing industry as a trackside engineer.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Strong technical background in car/ system design/ operation/ build/ preparation.
  • Work to consistently high standard in stressful and time sensitive situations.
  • Quick decision-making skills whilst working through problems in a scientific and analytical way.
  • Work well in a team environment with personnel at all levels.

Equipment and Applications:

LifeCheck, Catia/3DX, McLaren Atlas, System Monitor, and vTAG, Matlab/ Simulink, lap simulation tools, Excel/ VBA.

Work Environment Physical Demands:

An ability to work and prioritize within a high pressure, time sensitive environment while retaining a methodical approach is essential. The role may require extensive international travel and a willingness to work long and flexible hours including weekends.

This position may require lifting to 50 pounds, repeated bending, squatting and manual dexterity. Fast-paced work environment requiring heavy mental demands. Work environment includes machinery, race cars, 7-post and other rigs, grinding debris, and hazardous fluids. All employees must ensure compliance with the Company Health and Safety Policy, and all relevant other statutory Health and Safety legislation.

This job description may not detail some less major duties, nor cover duties of a similar nature, which may from time to time be reasonably required by the relevant manager.