Powertrain Controls Engineer

Description: Participate in a team of engineers responsible for the development, integration, build and test of software for control module for various control algorithm analysis, design, implementation, bench/dyno/vehicle testing. Perform failure mode analysis, diagnostic analysis, design, implementation and testing. Perform software requirements analysis, design, coding, test plan creation, and testing for Control Features. Perform reviews for Requirements, Design Documents, Simulink Models, C/C /Assembly code, and Test Plans. Create RTW/Target Link Models. 3-5 years experience

Additional Details
The ideal candidate will have experience in and be able to significantly contribute in many or all of the following areas:

* Controls systems & Operating strategy.

* Gas exchange processes (valving control, boosting systems, EGR, charge motion devices, etc.).

* Fuel systems (port and direct injection systems).

* Combustion processes (spark ignition, compression ignition, HCCI).

* Utilization of sensors in feedback and feedforward control strategies.

* Integrated powertrain control (torque characterization, engine/transmission interactions, powertrain optimization strategies).

* Auxiliary load management and optimization.

* Thermal characterization and thermal management.

* Fuel economy and performance optimization.