Online BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering

About the Course

Study flexibly online with NMA for a BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering and open the door to an exciting career in motorsport. Study around work and family and choose your own start date. This course will teach you the specialist skills required by this competitive global industry.

Not only will you be highly competent using the latest industry software included with your course, you will also have extensive practical motorsport engineering experience, with opportunities to join the NMA Race Team for race weekends.

At the end of your Bachelor’s degree, you will be a fully qualified motorsport engineer with the highly sought-after skills, experience and specialist knowledge demanded by today’s top teams and employers. There is a worldwide shortage of qualified motorsport engineers; enrol today to secure your future career in motorsport.



Module 9a. Advanced Engine Development

30 Credits (Option #1)

Physical engine testing and development is imperative to ensure you maintain the winning edge. Race teams spend large budgets and staff resources to find small percentage gains over the competition.

To ensure successful validation of simulated models, engine test facilities are utilised creating a plethora of data from flow bench tests to dynamometer combustion analysis.

This module allows you to develop higher level analytical skills required to be competent within the industry. You will have access to large data files allowing you to analyse test results and determine correct development paths.

Module 9b. Aerodynamics

30 Credits (Option #2)

A race vehicle's handling and stability can be greatly improved by the addition of aerodynamic devices. This module develops your mathematical and analytical skills to enable you to design and develop aero packages for specific race vehicles. You will have the opportunity to design, test and analyse, through computational fluid dynamics, appropriate devices ensuring that you can solve complex industry problems.

Module 10. Hybrid & Electric Vehicle

30 Credits

The future of motorsport is with hybrid and electric vehicles and the harnessing/regeneration of electric power. This module begins with the fundamentals of hybrid and electric vehicle architecture and regeneration techniques and as you progress through the module you will be able to develop hybrid models through simulation and then analyse the results enabling you to determine appropriate component choices.

Module 11. Final Project (double credits)

60 Credits

As a final module to your programme, you have the chance to show your knowledge and skills through a final year project. This project allows you to choose the content and development path to fully explore a research area that will enhance your future job prospects in your chosen career.

The project must include research skills, simulation and software skills gained through the programme so that you fully showcase your analytical skills at Level 6.