Lead Designer - Model Design

Purpose of the Role:

This role involves the management and technical leadership of all model design tasks for a large area of the WT model (or the entire model), with the aim of delivering high quality parts and assemblies to the wind tunnel to agreed deadlines.

Role Dimensions:

  • Sits within the Aero Design Team, which is responsible for all design of surfaces and components for the Aero Dept.
  • Specifically, leads an Aero Design – Model Design group, who are responsible for providing parts and assemblies (and accompanying information) to the modelshop and wind tunnel.
  • Reports to the Team Leader – Aero Design, and will involve close cooperation with the rest of the Aero Design team, the Modelshop, Production, the Technology group and the Aerodynamicists.
  • This role is factory based but may involve occasional travel to our wind tunnel facility.
  • This role is predominantly carried out during standard working hours, but will sometimes include additional hours and weekends.

Key Relationships:

Team Leader – Aero Design, Principal Aerodynamicists, Lead Designers, Senior modelmakers.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Working closely with Principal Aerodynamicists (and Lead Designer – Surfacing) to plan model design requirements – taking into account their tasklist, scope of jobs etc, reviewing the resource available, and giving feedback on feasibility, schedules etc. This includes feeding back to the Principals if this info is not timely or complete, reporting concerns to the TL.
  • Co-ordination of the resource within the group to meet the agreed requirements – allocating work, prioritising, setting deadlines, supervising, progress checking, etc.
  • Feedback to the Principal Aeros and TL in the event that the tasks become “at risk”.
  • Liaison with main customers (Aeros, Modelshop, Production) to understand the technical requirements for the parts, assemblies and information which are delivered to them.
  • Directly, and by delegating to Snr Designers and Designers who are the “expert” for a given area, checking and releasing all parts, assemblies and drawings, ensuring compatibility, quality, completeness etc.
  • Together with the TL, ensuring (through training, CAD techniques, procedures etc as well as personal supervision and checking) that the parts, assemblies and information delivered meet the requirement of the Aerodynamicists / modelshop / production.
  • Together with relevant Snr Designer where that role exists, responsible for the quality and functionality of that area of the model:
  • Leading the way in terms of modularity, stiffness, accuracy and material selection.
  • Managing design feedback and Design Change Requests for the team.
  • Working closely with Senior Model Makers to ensure that all the required set-up, fitting and pre-fit jigs / tools are designed and continually developed, and that the relevant assembly and set up information is provided in a complete and useful format.
  • Together with the relevant Snr Designer where that role exists, maintaining and improving design methodologies and standards for that area of the model:
  • Constant review and improvement of modelling techniques and tools.
  • Providing guidance and training to team members in the chosen methodologies.
  • Documenting these methodologies and standards.
  • First point of contact for the area of the WT model for Model Makers and Aerodynamicists.
  • Working closely with the Lead Designer – Model Design Development to develop processes and tools to improve the efficiency, quality and functionality of model design.
  • Working closely with the Group Leader – Aero Technology to incorporate model technology assemblies and systems into the model design.
  • Together with the Lead Designers – Surfacing, Deputy TL and TL, work together to allocate shared design resources across the design team as required by the workload at any given time.
  • Design of key wind tunnel model projects.

Knowledge, skills & Experience:


  • Extensive Formula One aerodynamics model design experience using CATIA V5.
  • Understanding of a typical F1 WT model layout, and the systems on the model.
  • Understanding of typical design methodologies, manufacturing techniques and the prefit and set-up process used for F1 WT models.
  • Proficient with MS Office.


  • Experience using the 3DCOM product management database.
  • Knowledge of the latest Formula One technical regulations.
  • Degree in Mechanical / Automotive / Aeronautical engineering discipline.
  • Experience of managing multiple simultaneous projects.

Personal Attributes:

  • Team player with strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
  • Well organized - able to allocate own and others’ time effectively and to balance multiple demands, often with limited information and ever-changing priorities.
  • Desire to improve how things are done; pro-activity and initiative to make this happen.
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work autonomously under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • Thorough worker with good attention to detail.
  • Results focused and driven to achieve successful outcome.