Innovation Engineer

Take a leadership role in the Auto Industry as a Technology Innovation Engineer. Will be required to accurately investigate and understand the different technology trends and movements in the US Auto Industry in the areas of Connected and Automated Mobility. Requires the ability to clearly and concisely summarize technical and industry information from a variety of sources (Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Consortiums, Technology Publications, Personal Networks and others). Candidate will use this information to develop and execute a startup engagement plan cultivating and growing the start-up network in the Michigan and Ontario regions. Candidate will support the Techstars Mobility Startup Accelerator. Utilize start-up knowledge and technical trend expertise to support internal prototype group.

Required areas of knowledge include Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), Connected and Autonomous mobility, Robotics AI, Deep Learning, Autonomous Sensor Technology, Mobility as a Service, Big Data Analytics and Wireless Communications (4G, 5G, CV2X, DSRC). Familiarity with technology start-ups is strongly desired. Ability to clearly create and communicate reports/recommendations to top management.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Analyze intelligence, data and information to create hypothesis regarding the future implications to Client in the areas of ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, MaaS, Autonomous Sensors, AI, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and wireless communications.

2. Attend technical/industry conferences, meetings, events, consortiums to acquire vital information. Support Techstars Mobility Accelerator. Create clear and concise reports (written and verbal) summarizing findings as well as strategy to support prototype group.

3. Frequently interact, network and cooperate with Government, Supplier, Academia, OEM and other organizations in the topical areas above.

4. Work together with other divisions within Client to address the challenges related to this research.

5. Travel and overtime may be required depending on projects.