Head of Operations

Job Purpose

  • To effectively manage all Operations functions;
  • To ensure all management and administrative staff within Operations are trained to be able to work effectively;
  • To manage efficient communication of progress on all customer projects;
  • To ensure that the Planning team work with all areas of the business to constantly review and optimise productivity within the Operations team;
  • To take overall responsibility for on time delivery;
  • To ensure continual improvement of processes in each area;
  • To manage and deliver tasks aligned to key business objectives within your area;
  • Identify areas of risk, coaching and training requirements within your area and work with Managing Director and Head of HR and Internal Development to mitigate and deliver;
  • To manage resource requirements within each area, cross skilling where possible to balance seasonal demands. 

Main Duties

  • Give clear direction to each department manager as required ensuring they deliver their daily, weekly and monthly task in a timely manner while;
  • Support and coach each department manager to ensure the business goals objectives are delivered;
  • Manage internal production meeting requirements to ensure that all stakeholder in each customer project have the relevant platform for open discussion;
  • To work with the Sales Team to ensure customer expectations are managed at all times;
  • To work with the Sales Team to plan core repeat business requirements;
  • Monitor and manage overtime within all Operations departments providing justification when required;
  • Ensure that any planning backlog is addressed & cleared weekly;
  • Ensure that all required competencies exist within your teams and manage the upkeep of training / certification as required;
  • Escalate any HR issues to the HR team providing detailed documentation of issues arising and any previous discussions;
  • Identify area for Continual Improvement and work with others as required to deliver requisite tasks to achieve the improvements;
  • Resource planning for each area including monitoring annual leave, ensuring competent cover for each role and working with other Senior Managers to forecast resource and cross skill from area to area where possible / required;
  • Attend management meetings as required;
  • Conduct staff appraisals;
  • Complete weekly report to Managing Director;
  • Other jobs within your capabilities may be requested from time-to-time including any other role that you possess experience in that the Company may require you to fulfil.

Responsiblilties and Competencies

  • Ownership of all Operations functions;
  • Management of Continual Improvement in each area;
  • On time delivery focus;
  • Excellent ability to plan by any means (forwards, backward and identify critical path);
  • Ensure all Operations areas are presented as expected by Top Management at all times;
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times;
  • Ensure approachability;
  • Team development of direct reports

Salary Negotiable