Freelance editor (NL)

Purpose of the role The Netherlands is in full development.  To continue to grow, we are looking for freelancers.

As a renowned website in the field of car and motorsport, we not only create content (on site) for our digital channels, but we also receive regular requests to contribute to fun projects and work with leading brands. That is challenging and we enjoy it a lot. In order to further exploit interesting opportunities, we are looking to expand the editorial staff and the freelance pool of specialists.


What features can you think of?

  • The news service
  • Commissioned production



Motorsport Network is a digital technology company. Our platforms are visited every month by approximately 62 million dedicated users to buy, to learn, to be entertained, or simply to feed their passion for cars and racing. We sit at the heart of the Racing and Automotive industries and provide authoritative thought leadership as well as unique experiences to our customers.

We take them on a customer journey that encompasses news and insights, events, supercar shopping, tickets, games, and eSports, so we leverage the network effect to add value to their experience.  We use our in-house technology and modern data tools to continuously test, learn, and improve. Our processes, content creation, and products are constantly evolving to better serve our audience, clients, and partners.  


Main responsibilities:

  • The news service:
    • In shifts you work with the editors to process news from mostly internal sources such as audio fragments, transcripts and information from our reporters;
    • Writing session reports and processing associated responses;
    • Supporting colleagues. For example, by preparing articles for content in the content management system.
  • Commissioned production:
    • On the basis of a briefing, write a text for the website or for the benefit of a customer.


Required skills, knowledge and characteristics:

  • News service:
    • You are a student of journalism, communication or media. Or you have already completed a relevant study;
    • Excellent command of the Dutch language and being able to work well with English. Other languages are an advantage;
    • Experience with writing various types of content such as news items;
    • Naturally curious, asks questions and likes to learn new things in a rapidly changing environment;
    • Able to work together in a team.
  • Commissioned production:
    • You have completed a relevant study or you are already (very) experienced;
    • Demonstrable affinity with racing;
    • In addition to excellent command of the Dutch language and experience with working on commission, a creative mind is always welcome.


Who is it for and what do you have to comply with?

  • Anyone who can fulfill one or both roles may apply. Whether you are a student or have recently started working as a copywriter, or if you have been in the profession for years with a journalistic or communication background: you are welcome to apply.
  • Affinity with racing is demonstrably present, some experience in the industry is of added value and above all you think it is very nice to contribute to


What do I have to submit?

  • We would like to know how you can contribute and we will receive an introduction with who you are, what you do and a motivation that demonstrates your affinity with racing (upload in the next step with a motivation letter);
  • Overview of activities (for example in the form of a CV);
  • Be sure to add several texts so that we can form a good picture of your qualities;
  • How much time you have available and which rates (hourly and daily rate) we have to take into account.