Driver61 Formula 1 Writer

Company Description

Driver61 is a motorsports and automotive media company.

It's our mission to be the internet's best resource for entertaining and educational video content within F1, motorsport, automotive and engineering. Our focus is on empowering our viewers with high-quality information they can share with friends and other F1 fans.

Driver61’s YouTube channel has over 850,000 subscribers and generates an average of 8M views per month. Our automotive channel, Driven Media, is just a few months old but has already accumulated 150,000 subscribers and is set to hit 100M views in its first year.

Job description

We’re seeking a brilliant F1 writer to lead our F1 content creation, including writing scripts for our Driver61 YouTube channel. This is someone who has a deep passion for F1, engineering and motorsport.

We need someone who is driven to share their passion with the world, who can make the complex simple, and writes scripts that are infectious.

Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Writing scripts for the most passionate F1 fans on the internet.
  • Contributing ideas for content that you would want to watch.
  • Collaborating with our incredible production team.
  • Reaching millions of people with every script.

Key skills and experience required:

  • An infectious passion for F1 and engineering. We mean it, you need to love Formula 1 as much as we do. 
  • A deep, technical, knowledge of F1 and motorsport.
  • Extensive experience writing for the internet. Ability to write in a relaxed, conversational manner whilst distilling engineering concepts.
  • Able to communicate effectively in a remote team.
  • Able to research complex ideas, and explain them in layman's terms.
  • Understanding of engineering concepts. Could you research, then explain how a diffuser works to someone who doesn't understand F1? Do know the ins and outs of F1, race-by-race, session-by-session?
  • Have watched enough Driver61 content to understand the style and flow of our videos.
  • Spend more than 30 minutes a day on YouTube. We need you to understand the space in order to create the best content for it.

Useful info:

Our selection process will involve writing three example titles, followed by a script and interview.

Job Type: Freelance or Full-Time

Location: Remote. Close to Leamington Spa would be advantageous, but not necessary. 

Salary: On application