Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer leads the Technology and software development department and is responsible for overseeing all the Company’s development projects.


  • Manage 50+ simultaneous projects on different tech stacks and is aware of all the nuances
  • Deal with projects as stand-alone and sometimes conflicting start-ups
  • Successfully manage development risks (going over budget against meeting deadlines, etc.)
  • Implement the principles of building scalable, fault tolerant, resilient architectures and distributed platforms
  • Maintain technical debt under pressure of product/business owners
  • Implement full development life cycle throughout the company projects
  • Act as liaison between business executives and development; act as an advocate for development teams
  • Understand and implement cyber security processes

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Experience with Big Data
  • Leading high-load projects
  • Extended knowledge of Amazon services
  • Hands-on data science knowledge and collaborating on marketing initiatives
  • Hands-on experience of IT infrastructure cost optimization
  • Knowledge of structural transformation and decomposition of projects, expertise to select technical processes and stacks to maintain the timeframes and budget
  • P&L ownership experience
  • Experience of leading e-commerce project development
  • Experience of working with multiple offshore development offices
  • Familiarity with Scrum, Kanban, Iterative Waterfall methodologies
  • Web and Mobile software development background
  • Skilled and persuasive negotiator
  • Charismatic leader