Aero Analysis Student Placement

Motorsport is the world’s most competitive engineering sector. At the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One teams get to test their engineering prowess race by race against ultra-competitive peers in front of an audience measured in the hundreds of millions.

Working for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is fundamentally different to working for any of our competitors. It has the technological expertise and facilities that you would come to expect from a world championship winning Formula One team but with an atmosphere that is uniquely Red Bull. Team spirit is the foundation of everything we do, with every job making a vital contribution to the development and racing of our Formula One cars. The work is not only
demanding but the pace of development so fast that your feet will barely touch the ground – but job satisfaction really does not get any better than the winning feeling of making a real contribution to a grand prix-winning car.
Red Bull Technology is inviting candidates to apply for Industrial Placement positions within its Aerodynamics Department.

The key accountabilities of this role are:
• Analysis and reporting of aerodynamics data from wind tunnel, CFD and track
• To be actively involved in accessing, integrating and developing novel aerodynamic
measurement technologies
• Define off-body flow measurement requirements on track and in the wind tunnel; assist the
model shop with manufacture, and analyse and report the results as required
• Support the Aero Performance Group at race and test events as required in order to inform
decision-making and enable fast reporting of the results with relevant context
• Develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with fellow engineers
• Planning and operation support of wind tunnel programs in the Red Bull Technology wind
tunnel facility
• Support the documentation of Red Bull Technology testing and analysis techniques

Candidates wishing to apply for this role should demonstrate an active interest in aerodynamics,
be studying towards a mechanical/aeronautical engineering degree with a strong aerodynamics
content, be computer literate and prepared to carry out hands-on tasks.

The placements will be for one year, starting in Summer 2020.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please visit the careers page of the Red Bull Racing website