Aero Performance Analyst

An Aero Performance Analyst is intent on understanding systems in acute detail (e.g., aerodynamic, thermal), and creating the knowledge required to extract maximum performance from the car. 

An undergraduate or graduate degree is required, as well as at least three years of professional engineering experience. Applicants should possess fluent English skills. Italian language skills are not required but are desirable. All CV's must be submitted in English.


General Summary: 

This position reports to the Aero Performance Team Leader; is located in Varano de Melegari (PR). Responsible for understanding systems in acute detail and creating the knowledge required to extract maximum performance form the car.  There may be reason for travel to Race and Test Events on behalf of the Aerodynamics Department.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promote teamwork and effective communications to develop working relationships between all personnel and departments.
  • Department track/tunnel/CFD correlation activities
  • Contributes to maintenance of vehicle heat management and performance/reliability target data
  • Use of company and third-party simulation tools
  • Build and develop physical models to help estimating aerodynamics characteristics of the race car
  • Rig testing for relevant subsystem development (Brake/Rad Rigs, etc.)
  • Follows all safety regulations in all venues.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Aero Performance Team Leader.

Education and Work Experience:

An undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field is required. At least three years of professional engineering experience is required, preferably at least one year in the automobile racing industry.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills:

  • Proficient computer skills. 
  • Understanding of aerodynamics and fluid analysis. 
  • Understanding of thermo dynamics. 
  • Ability to create physical models and integrate them with simulation tools. 
  • Ability to analyze, process and synthetize large sets of data.
  • Understanding of vehicle dynamics.
  • Strong written and oral communication, teamwork, and people skills.

Equipment and Applications:

Computer with Microsoft Office and engineering packages including but not limited to, wind tunnel, basic hand tools, fabrication tools. Experience using MATLAB/Simulink, Dymola and programming languages like Python or C is preferred. Data Acquisition experience is helpful.

Work Environment Physical Demands:

An ability to work and prioritize within a high pressure, time sensitive environment while retaining a methodical approach is essential. The role may require some domestic and international travel and a willingness to work long and flexible hours including weekends.

This position may require lifting to 50 pounds, repeated bending, squatting and manual dexterity. Fast-paced work environment requiring heavy mental demands. Work environment includes machinery, race cars, 7-post and other rigs, grinding debris, and hazardous fluids. All employees must ensure compliance with the Company Health and Safety Policy, and all relevant other statutory Health and Safety legislation.

This job description may not detail some less major duties, nor cover duties of a similar nature, which may from time to time be reasonably required by the relevant manager.