Top 5 Future Jobs in Motorsport

1. Gaming simulator drivers - Gaming has become more and more vital for Motorsport, Formula 1 teams have begun investing heavily in gaming. Motorsport simulators are used by all major manufacturers to test new cars or drive new circuits, gaming will take that to the next level. McLaren are at the forefront of the gaming revolution after launching the World’s Fastest Gamer competition to try and find the world’s finest gamers to drive and test their Formula 1 cars.

2. Electrical Engineers - As motorsport ventures into a brand new era of electric motors, teams will be switching their attention to hybrid engines and the power of the electric motor. Formula E has already proved a success, this could prompt more motorsport series' to follow suit. Electric engineers will be hot property, so switching from petrol to electric could prove pivotal.

3. Social Media Producers - Social Media is ever present in today’s society, Motorsport has finally seen the dramatic affect social media can have on engaging with the fans and promoting the brand. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all affective tools to reach a wide audience at a relatively low cost. Notably in Formula 1 but also in other forms of motorsport, teams are focusing on recruiting candidates with social media experience.

4. Autonomous engineers - Roboracing could be the next big venture in the world of motorsport, a car that is driverless. Brand new technology will be developed to make this series viable. This opportunity could bring a fresh new generation of engineers focusing on driverless cars. These ideas could be applied to further the automotive industry dramatically.

5. Cockpit protection designers - From 2018 Formula 1 cars will have to have cockpit protection, it could prompt a wave of open cockpit single seater racing series having some sort of head protection. The design of the system has been greatly criticised, so having a team of designers analysing what would be the best for drivers, engineers and fans would be extremely important.