Sector3 Studios AB

Sector3 Studios AB


Sector3 Studios AB is a Swedish game developer committed to the creation of realistic championship experiences for motorsport series worldwide, including; DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and the WTCC.

Established in 2014 by accomplished developers from SimBin Studios, Sector3 quickly assumed responsibility for the development of RaceRoom and began releasing updates to meet and exceed community expectations for the virtual racing platform.

Sector3 Studios is located in Lidköping, Sweden. A train ride away from Gothenburg, Lidköping is known for its charm.

In the studio and at race tracks around the world Sector3 maintains partnerships with motorsport to create unique opportunities within the race gaming genre. From petrolheads to casual gamers Sector3 puts the thrill of racing in the player’s hands with one goal, to enjoy the drive.

Company profile type: 
Motorsport, Electronics, IT / Internet
Wanted occupational fields: 
Software Engineer, Software Developer, IT Specialist

Address information

Fiskaregatan 4
531 30 Lidköping

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