Premier Power Race & Performance Engines

Premier Power Race & Performance Engines


Premier Power Race & Performance Engines is a design, development and performance engineering company, passionate about providing its customers and clients with the very best support for their requirements and projects.

Premier Power provides premium engineering solutions to customers and clients requiring the highest level of expertise and quality.

A company whose reputation has been built on supreme customer service and engineering solutions.  Results on the race track that have not only helped young drivers on their way to the highest levels in motorsport, but also allowing the company to further develop its own products and measure these against others.  A company that is customer focused, dedicated to quality and constantly looking at improving efficiency and performance.

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Why Premier Power?
  • All products developed using our own test car. This means we have a better understanding of our products and we know what customers require and expect.
  • Very tight working tolerances ensures build continuity and reduced calibration differences. This results in improved driveability and reduced drivetrain wear.
  • Quoted performance figures are produced on a reputable rolling road and in the vehicle environment. No special performance enhancing fuels or oils are used in generating performance figures.
  • Quoted figures are often just under what engines actually produce.
  • Fuel used to produce calibrations is “Supermarket” 95 octane fuel, meaning calibrations are safe.
  • Vehicles worked on and stored in secure, alarmed and fully insured facility.
  • Company is fully insured to not only carry out the work on your car but to drive it on the road (if road registered).
  • Customers having engine upgrade work carried out – will be having their car rolling road calibration checked, as well as full road test prior to being signed off and then released back to them. If having one of our standard upgrades, this work is included in the prices for that upgrade.


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