MagCanica, Inc.

MagCanica, Inc.


MagCanica, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures wireless torque sensors and rate-of-change-of-torque (ROC) sensors for high performance applications such as automotive racing powertrains, and turboshaft engines and associated rotorcraft transmissions. MagCanica is a product-focused technology company formed in early 2000 with offices in San Diego, CA and Pittsfield, MA. Drawing on the high energy level and extensive technical background of a group of talented Stanford, MIT, and UC-Berkeley mechatronics engineers, world-renowned inventor Ivan J. Garshelis leads MagCanica's technical team. With expertise in magnetomechanics, mechatronics, sensors and control systems, MagCanica has distinguished itself by solving some of the most challenging torque measurement problems facing the automotive racing and aerospace industries. Presently, MagCanica supplies products and provides engineering services to various racing teams throughout the world across all the major series (Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and American Le Mans), and to the US Army and Navy Air and Sea Systems Commands in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Corporation and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

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Motorsport, Manufacturing, Construction, Modification, Engineering Services
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Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applications Engineer, Design Engineer

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4204 Jutland Dr # C
San Diego, CA 92117
United States

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