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Jenvey Dynamics was founded in 1987 by Richard Jenvey with a view to supplying the motorsport industry with those items he had needed whilst constructing his own racing cars but found difficult to obtain, if he couldn’t find it he designed and manufactured it, hence the design consultancy Jenvey Dynamics was created.  One customer design project was for fuel injection throttle bodies. This fitted perfectly with Richard’s own preferences; interesting, challenging, ready for the future and fun to manufacture.  All operations were carried out in house and the first unit of our current Bridgnorth factory was acquired in 1993.  With the consent of our client we started to manufacture a range of throttle bodies in 1994 and since 2006 Mike Jenvey has continued with the company’s success.

The fuel injection range has extended to cover the entire induction system: manifolds, fuel rails and fittings, air horns, linkages and other associated parts. Facilities include design with 3D CAD, tool and pattern making, prototyping, foundry, and machining by CNC and CAD/CAM.  Jenvey make all main throttle body components in-house including housings, spindles, butterflies, levers and fuel rails. This enables the close control of quality, design, research, development and confidentiality which is essential for success in any form of motorsport.

Mike and Richard have an outstanding motorsport pedigree and have won eight motorsport championships between them in self developed and engineered cars, their Sports 2000 car won Autosport magazine's National Racing Car of the Year in 2009. This determination for excellence is the cornerstone of Jenvey’s success.

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Jenvey’s roots are in motorsport.  We have a passion for premium performance and ensure we regularly compete with our own products giving us direct feedback and a high level of self responsibility.  We know how important weight and reliability are and understand the needs of our customers, our products deliver and are the choice of leading motorsport brands!

Jenvey have supplied Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB) into the motorsport industry for over 30 years, successfully winning many races and championships with use of our products.

 The Jenvey motorsport range includes our SF, SFD, ST and SS Individual Throttle Bodies, Turbo Plenums and electronic throttle actuators. All of these are available in kit form for specific engines or can be sold separately to create  a bespoke kit for your needs.

Personal development is part of everyday life at Jenvey Dynamics. 

Every employee has a monthly meeting with their manager purely focused on their personal development.  Improving our employees improves our company. 

We are always looking for people with a passion for customer service and manufacturing excellence. 

Do you want to be part of a professional team that has pride in what they do? 

Here is your chance!

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Jenvey Design and manufacture fuel injection throttle bodies for motorsport, classic & niche cars and green engines.