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Grainger & Worrall Ltd.


Welcome to Grainger & Worrall, the world’s leading provider of high quality, total castings solutions across the automotive, motorsport, energy and wider transport sectors. Our structural casting, machining, engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities are relied upon globally for quality, integrity and their innovative answer to often complex engineering challenges.

Remaining true to a core philosophy of absolute customer service, while expanding our offer as technology allows, Grainger & Worrall is at the global forefront of castings development and innovation. The world is demanding ever-lighter, ever more efficient means of propulsion and at Grainger & Worrall, we are helping to drive that trend. However, we are only able to because of almost three quarters of a century of accrued know-how. No other castings organisation has the same resource or history of delivery.

Some will know of us as a foundry – and that’s only part of the story. We are extremely proud of our history and it is that track record that gives us the foundations of our contemporary solutions. Those intricate layers of experience provide us with an unrivalled understanding of geometry, of tooling, of pattern-making. And they give us part of our DNA. The other element of our outlook is an utter focus on the needs of the client and an ability to rise to a challenge – any challenge that will see us delivering imaginative and ground-breaking programmes.

We are privileged to have world-class customers, organisations that lead the world in their respective spheres – and we continue to deliver innovation in order to help them stay there.

Our services encompass up-front engineering, precision machining and consultancy that is in your language and backed by real science, right from the very early stages of the supply and development chain. By making our own tooling and both understanding and embracing cutting edge rapid prototyping technologies we take your concept through to production and we’re quick and dynamic because of our experience.

We are very open minded to change – market change, regulation change, fundamental energy change. In many respects, we think we’re unique, underpinned by an underlying ethos of humility and respect, to our clients, our employees and our suppliers. Yet that does not compromise on an insatiable desire to keep delivering ground-breaking innovation to our client-base now, and in the future.

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Motorsport, Engineering Services, Manufacturing
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Managers, Engineers, CNC Operator, CNC Programmer (Other), Project Coordinator

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Building 7, Stanmore Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth WV15 5HP
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