ERRE Technology Group

ERRE Technology Group


Rethinking is the method used by ERRE Technology Group to create innovation and added value. We support our Clients with an advanced holistic approach, optimizing every phase of projects thanks to an agile and coordinated organization, without barriers between company management and the various technical departments. Thru continuous evaluation of new technological trends, we use our expertise to succeed in choosing the technical areas in which to invest: we weigh our choices in order to prepare for new market challenges without creating inefficiencies given by the early adoption of over-advanced methods and techniques. ERRE Technology Group, through the expertise of ERRE LAB, ERRE PRO, ERRE GES, brings real added value to its customers.

Company profile type: 
Electronics, Engineering Services, Modification
Wanted occupational fields: 
Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer

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Corso Savona, 35
10024 Moncalieri TO

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