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Founded in early 2007, CXC Simulations is a high-tech "low-profile"* engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced personal racing simulation equipment.

What sets CXC Simulations products apart from the rest is that these highly-specialized devices are eminently practical not only in a professional race team environment, but for use in private homes, motoring clubs, racing school, and specialized retail environments.

Whether it's an off-the-shelf production based unit or highly specific custom solution, each of CXC's simulators is individually assembled, tested, installed and fully supported after sale. CXC understands that no two units we produce ever go into the exact same use situation. In fact, our broad understanding of specific customer needs and our being able to relate to and fill those needs is the foundation of our success.

The fact of the matter is that a CXC simulator is as much a precision motorsports "tool" as a CNC machine. a TIG welder, or an autoclave. In racing consistent high-quality results are never the result of luck. At CXC our job is seeing that drivers are tuned as finely as the machines that they drive, our goal is to make good drivers even better, to eliminate luck as a factor either way, to assist talent through training.

Of course there is also the "recreational" side of the ledger. Driving fast, with knife-edge control, comparing lap times among friends and colleagues, serious league competition, just pure adrenaline and perhaps, developing a finer appreciation of just what it takes to really be "fast". All who have driven it know that CXC provides "all of the above" in full measure.

Among our less "camera shy" clients we are proud to list users as Mitsubishi Motors, the Dubai royal family, and World Class Motoring's headquarters store in Calabasas as well as ever-growing group of serious vintage and professional race drivers and other enthusiasts all over the world.

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