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C & S is a company with more than 38 years of automotive experience. We introduced the first C & S carburetors in January of 1974. We traveled to races around the country installing carburetors on race cars to prove carburetor specialists could dramatically improve the performance of the existing production carburetors – even the legendary Holleys®.

What seemed like black magic to some was actually a thorough understanding of how carburetors work and the tolerances necessary to make an affordable production unit. Carburetors built in the late seventies still hold many records today. Our two barrels were extremely successful.

In 1979 we invented the first successful carburetors calibrated for methanol alcohol.

Our alcohol aerosol billet carburetor is the latest advance in racing carburetor design.

All C & S street rod products are designed using one of the world’s most elaborate wet flow benches, road tested with O2 sensors in all ports and each turnkey package is hot-tested for proper idle, response, leaks, etc. to ensure that you receive the most refined and user-friendly package possible.

Many variations of the packages shown are available for special needs – in many cases at no extra charge.

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Automotive and Parts Mfg, Manufacturing, Modification, Engineering Services, Race Preparation, Motorsport
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