Belassi GmbH

Belassi GmbH


It is in the roots of Belassi to always take things one step further – even faster, even more precisely and even more perfectly adapted to the respective requirements. From development to customization and service, our MARINE HYPERCRAFT offer a unique and emotional attitude to life that combines technical sophistication with the finest craftsmanship. Which you can feel from the very first moment you make eye contact with our products – not to mention from the first trip out.

Belassi. Race Your Heartbeat

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In our headquarters in Austria, we combine the expertise of professional drivers, engineers and mechanics under one roof. Driver feedback can thus be passed on to the development department directly. After all, it is in our nature to master routes as quickly as possible. This compact unit allows us to address the specific needs of each individual customer down to the last detail and to perfect the driver-vehicle package in terms of performance and speed.

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