Aviemore Kart Raceway

Aviemore Kart Raceway


Our Track

The track is 550 meters long, and 6 meters wide for safer overtaking, with plenty of wide sweeping bends on a positive camber to assist with cornering.

There are undulations as well as a huge long straight down one side, to make for an action packed racing experience.

This track will blow you away with stunning views of the Cairngorm mountains as a backdrop.

Our Karts

Our karts are supplied by SODIKART, the world leader in the leisure karting industry.

Our team of skilled mechanics follow a comprehensive maintenance program to help ensure that safety and quality are maintained at all times.
Speeds are tested regularly to keep all karts in the fleet performing equally.
We are happy to offer a free session on another kart to any driver who is not satisfied with their karts’ performance, provided it is found after testing to be functioning below par.

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