Alkamel Systems

Alkamel Systems


Al Kamel Systems is a Spanish company, founded in 2003. The company is specialized in timing, data process, connectivity and graphics for television production, with a special focus on motor sports.

Founded in La Garriga (Barcelona), very close to the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia, Al Kamel Systems travels all over the world, working at important international championships.

Al Kamel Systems is characterized by its future vision and its constant innovation. Due to its wide offer of services, Al Kamel is able to attend their clients with a complete and global service.

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We offer work in different areas:

  • Timekeepers
  • TV Graphic Operators
  • Software Engineers
  • Networks and connectivity
  • Designers

Timing, graphics and infrastructures for races and championships

Al Kamel Systems is a pioneering company in the field of timing of international Motorsports championships, as well as for TV graphics and the infrastructures of high-capacity wireless and communications networks. Al Kamel Systems has been able to adapt to the needs of each of the activities in which it develops its work, customizing the projects according to the needs of the different clients, offering at the same time a unique and innovative service for each one of them.

  • Team data client
  • Race direction software
  • Television graphics
  • Live timing
  • Communication networks
  • High capacity wireless networks

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Al Kamel Systems S.L.
C/. Priora Xixilona, 93
93 08530 La Garriga Barcelona

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Alkamel Systems 
Phone: +34 93 510 0480
Driving innovation, focusing on the future. We solve our clients’ matters
Barcelona, Spain 07/27/2021
Technical Manager

This position will combine the tasks with Project management in production, logistics and operational side and with IT directors in the technical side.