7s Only Racing, LLC

7s Only Racing, LLC


From our 7,200 square foot shop at Buttonwillow Raceway, 7s Only provides full race car preparation and set up services for all types of race cars from purpose-built to open wheel. From tuning to alignment to comlplete service and suspension set-up, our experienced mechanics provide top-level service.

When we service your race car, we go through every systems, check every nut and bolt from front to rear and top to bottom. We check the calipers, bearings, brakes, transmission, struts, shocks, springs and fluids. We check everything from torque to tire wear.

Your car's suspension geometry is critical to handling and performance on the track. From alignment to corner balancing to setting camber, caster and toe, we'll make sure your car is ready for whatever track you're running.

Last, but not least, is what we call "driver set up". Often overlooked is the impact that poor driver set up can have on lap times. Are you too close to the steering wheel? too far away? Can you heel/toe? Do you have a usable dead pedal? You'd be surprised that making even minor adjustments to your position in the car can drop 10ths of seconds from your lap times!

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Motorsport, Construction, Manufacturing, Race Preparation, Engineering Services, Modification, Restoration
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18218 Cal Club Road Buttonwillow CA 93206
Buttonwillow, CA 93206
United States

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