Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company


In 1901, Henry Ford designed and built the racecar called “Sweepstakes.” On October 10 that year, he drove Sweepstakes against Alexander Winton, a famous racer and builder. Against all odds Ford won. That was the beginning – “the race that changed the world” – and it continues today. From our victories at Le Mans in 1966 and again fifty years later in 2016, to the World Rally Car Driver’s Championship and NASCAR Driver’s and Manufacturers Championship in 2018, the spirit of Henry Ford lives with us every day through our motorsports efforts around the world.

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1000+ employees
Motorsport, NASCAR, Automotive Manufacturer, Automotive and Parts Mfg, Endurance Racing, Rally Team
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1 American Road
Dearborn, MI 48126
United States

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