How to write a cover letter for a career in motorsport

How to write a cover letter for a career in motorsport


NEED TO WRITE A Cover letter for a career in motorsport BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? WE'RE HERE TO HELP.

WHAT IS A cover letter?


Your cover letter is a document that should accompany your CV in your job application and should highlight specific areas that make you a good fit for the role.

Cover letters are often the most overlooked and rushed part of the application process, but for many hiring managers your cover letter is one of the most important parts they look for, so without one, you're already on the back foot.

Sending a well written cover letter with your CV is the perfect way to sell your application and convince the hiring manager that you are right for the role by stating why you will be an asset to the company.


How do i write my cover letter for a career in motorsport?

Try and break a cover letter down into six parts:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Reference to the specific role you're applying for
  3. The hiring manager's name (if you have it) or at least an address to them
  4. Description of why you are a good match for the role
  5. What you can do for the company
  6. Closing statements and a conclusion that reiterates your interest and skills

(and a thank you never hurts)



top tips for a motorsport cover letter

Tips - Do's
  • Research the company and use an appropriate tone accordingly
  • Describe how you can solve specific problems - and include details
  • Tell a brief story from your career and try and inject some personality 
  • Proof read it, then proof read it again
  • Write a fresh cover letter for each application

Tips - Don'ts

  • Don't talk about how amazing the position would be for you (hiring managers are well aware of that)
  • Don't go over the top telling them how much of an F1/Motorsport fan you are (they want to hire someone to do the job, not to talk F1 all day)
  • Don't send a generic cover letter "I am excited to apply for the open position in your company" (they'll see you're CV-bombing a mile off)
  • Don't skip the screener questions for online applications, hiring managers wrote them for a reason.