Trackside Composite Fabricator

Basic Function: Team member directly responsible for the composite repairs and metal fabrication needs of the race team.


Job Responsibilities:

· Completing composite repairs consistent with the design intent of original parts.

· Ability to assess composite damage, create and execute a repair plan consistent within the guidelines or the original manufacture. Ability to perform updates to bodywork and or monocoque chassis within parameters of the original manufacture or internally designed engineers.

· Ability use industry standard tools such as grinders, cut off wheels, and finishing sanders. Be fluent in composite processes such as vacuum bagging, mold making, as well as wet lay-up repair. A knowledge of epoxy-based adhesives is also a requirement.

· Fabrication skills required to construct and repair pit equipment, truck related items, workshop structures or test benches.

· Comfortable with the use of metal fabrication such as breaks, shears, slip rollers and other equipment, as well as the ability to TIG and MIG weld a variety of different materials and alloys.

· Safely operating equipment according to recommended safety specifications, including use of all protective equipment necessary (protective eyewear, earplugs, etc.) while identifying any safety hazards and reporting all risks immediately to a supervisor.

· Meeting specified deadlines for race car preparation while producing a quality product.

· Maintaining accurate records of repairs and tracking weights of parts. Must be able to make repairs consistent within the homologation documents of the original parts.

· Openly communicating with team members in manufacturing and engineering departments to develop functional and quality components.

· Providing direction and acting as a mentor to less experienced members to ensure quality control while promoting a positive learning environment.

· Traveling with the team to races and tests to ensure the racecar is properly functioning in preparation for successful on-track performance.

· Safekeeping and proper use of all company property issued during employment, including uniforms, tools, toolboxes, electronic devices, credit cards and any other productivity tools.

· Professionally represent the team and its sponsors on and off-track premises.

· Keeping work area clean and always organized.

· Loading all necessary equipment required at the racetrack onto transporters for every on-track event.


Skills Required:

· 3+ years’ experience as carbon tec/fabricator on IndyCar, Sports Car or F1 series race cars.

· High school diploma or equivalent, basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

· Must be able to follow carbon layup schedules and repair instructions.

· Intimate knowledge of mechanical components and structural framework of race cars.

· Pre-preg and wet laminate knowledge. Curing methods including autoclave, and hot bonders.

· Familiarity with different fiber and resin systems.

· Must be proficient in using precision measuring devices.

· Must be able to concentrate on detailed work for long periods.

· Work environment contains hazardous chemicals and fumes. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of emergency safety procedures and an ability to use safety equipment correctly.