Motorsport Championship Assistant

The Role

A rare entry-level opportunity to join our small administrative team that operates the UK’s largest motorsport series, with nearly 200 drivers across six championships.

Let’s be clear from the start, this is not a glamorous role in the world of Formula One, quite the opposite. At race weekends, it will be early morning, late nights, wind, rain and challenges of Caterham’s limited budget and resources. When we run out of milk, you will be the person heading to Asda. Again.

However, we can promise you an entertaining, fast-paced (too fast for some) environment. Key to the role is delivering outstanding customer service in an often adrenalin-fuelled, high-pressure atmosphere. Not for the work-shy or faint-hearted, it is rewarded with immense job satisfaction. Caterham’s novice driver race series, the legendary Caterham Academy, creates more than fifty new racing drivers each year and whilst it is a cliché, you really will be helping make dreams come true.

Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Championship Coordinator, who looks after all aspects of the organisation and operation of Caterham race championships; you will:

  • Assist them with the organisation, project management and delivery of every aspect Caterham racing in conjunction with the organising club (BARC); from developing the timetable, logistical organisation, management of the extended event team, right down to ordering and setting up hospitality. On the ground that means literally rolling up your sleeves, getting stuck in, and being the one that makes sure that our extended weekend team have got lunch.
  • Become a knowledgeable and highly visible face of Caterham at race events; there for our competitors, ensuring everyone knows who and where you are, in order to provide the best possible service and paddock environment.
  • Provide extensive communication with competitors throughout the year, including production and dissemination of post-race data and related information.
  • Help deliver the hugely successful Caterham Academy programme for approximately fifty complete novices each year, ensuring it exceeds their high expectations.
  • Basically, you are going to be running around the paddock, pulled from pillar-to-post, trying to complete ten things at once, whilst the senior team keep piling on the jobs. And you are going to do them all with a smile on your face (no gritted teeth permitted).

About You

The successful candidate will be someone who has:

  • A very outgoing, confident and friendly personality; loud even; with the ability to earn respect of drivers (including highly successful business people).
  • The ability to work under their own initiative, with a can-do attitude to problem solving in a high-pressure environment; and also the strength be part of a small, tight team working together as a single unit.
  • The desire to always improve; the mindset that everything can be better
  • A headful of ideas; good or bad, they will not be afraid to express them.
  • Strong competence with MS-Excel, MS-Word and in written communication.
  • A natural ability to herd cats
  • Ideally a passion for, and understanding of, motorsport.
  • A proactive approach of ‘Where do you need me?’ and ‘On it, boss’ to every order request.
  • The willing acceptance of having to work weekends, with long hours and extensive travel across the UK and occasionally overseas.
  • A clean(ish) driving licence and the confidence to drive a van. A fairly big one at that.



Whilst the Caterham Motorsport office is based at Caterham’s factory in Dartford, Kent; once established in the role, remote working ~2 days a week is possible; but for collaboration in such a small team, we like to be together typically three days a week – more in the run up to race weekends when a lot of running around is required. Please note that a fast, reliable internet connection is an essential requirement for remote working.



If you think you are the right person for the role, or more importantly, believe that we will think you are the right person, please submit your CV and a covering letter including salary expectations.

But before you so, just read through this job advert once more before getting carried away with an application. Are you really prepared for what it would entail?  Does a 25,000/day step-count not phase you? (Only on race weekends mind.) Will you mind being bossed about by the team and nearly 200 drivers?

Note: Applicants who do not provide a covering letter will not be considered (we just like to hear a little about you; and sure, we know you will be claiming to be perfect for the role etc; that’s a given; but make us want to look forward to meeting you).