FORMULA 1 DATA INTELLIGENCE ENGINEER - 2 positions to be filled

You will contribute to design, build and deploy a data analysis platform that will enable more effective real-time decisions at the track and enable data-driven design of future regulations. The tools that you will develop will let users access, visualise and interact with data without requiring them to master querying languages, statistical modelling or the command line. To accomplish this, you will be involved at all stages of the data journey to:
- Develop fully automated data collection software to aggregate heterogeneous data from a growing number of sources,
- Liaise with IT project leaders to develop a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse that speeds up and streamlines data access for a wide variety of applications, including large scale data analytics,
- Build upon the FIA Data Analysis tool suite to scrutinize heterogeneous data, run simulations and generate insights more effectively,
- Empower all stakeholders across the organization with advanced data visualization mediums, tailored to each user, from dashboards to advanced data mining software.

- Bachelor/Master degree or equivalent expert level in Computer Science or Software Engineering
- Passionate about building tailored end-to-end software solution that enables users to solve their problems through an uncompromised User Experience
- Strong knowledge and hands-on experience with industry-standard frontend and backend frameworks, notably in the context of microservices architecture
- Understand the challenges and solutions associated with interacting with large scale and high frequency timeseries data structures in real-time
- Technical: industry-standard data analytics and visualisation tools and concepts, client and server software development including web technologies such as frontend and backend frameworks, network-based software architectures including hands-on experience with microservices message brokers, containerization and distributed storage and computing environments
The position will be based in our headquarters in Geneva and will involve some travel to championship events.

Unternehmen / Organisation: 
Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile