Data Engineer

Motorsport Network connects hundreds of millions of people who love motorsport and cars. Its technology and distinct brands distinguish its unique content and services to help it engage motorsport and auto fans in their native languages. It connects this universe with digital content, live events, e-commerce, ticketing, gaming and social networking to unify people with a passion for all things automotive and racing. As a global digital media company, it is the gateway to the world of motorsport and cars. 

Being a startup by philosophy, we are always building new stuff. We are not afraid of change. Willing to be data driven across the whole company, we are looking for a data magician who will help us build our whole data stack. From data extraction to data injection, data warehouse optimisation, you will see it all. You could be a developer, willing to shift to data. Optimally you are already full stack data person with strong technical skill (perfect knowledge of at least one dynamic language and SQL), good business mindset, and data analysis competencies. 


  • Design, build and launch new data extraction, transformation and loading processes in production. 
  • Create one-off reports. 
  • Manage data warehouse. 
  • Interface with managers to understand data needs. 
  • Build data expertise and own data quality for allocated areas of ownership. 
  • Support existing processes running in production. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • 2+ year experience with programming languages, Python preferred. (mandatory) 
  • Hands on experience with schema design and dimensional data modeling. 
  • Strong SQL knowledge. (mandatory) 
  • Ability to analyse data to identify deliverables, gaps and inconsistencies. 
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to identify, create and communicate data driven insights. 
  • Ability and interest in managing and communicating data warehouse plans to internal clients. 
  • Knowledge of BI tools (Looker/Tableau/Chartio). 
  • Knowledge of data warehouse (Redshift/Bigquery) management and optimisation. 
  • Business minded.