Customer support engineer

Main tasks

  • Good technical communication skill: ability to explain with few and clear words solutions to problems at customers, good ability to interface with gentlemen and no-professional driver
  • Car data management:  download and read data acquisition (Magneti Marelli and Life Racing), and capability of fast understanding problems and find solutions
  • Engineering: having understand of car vehicle dynamic to support customers during pre-event test and race events
  • Personal attitude: able to work under pressure from customers and drivers during racing events. No problem to trip around the world without caring at working hours
  • Reporting: synthesis capability to write down proper post events report and issues list with clear and short descriptions, in order to create a single record file for tech office


  • Engineering school
  • Rally or racing  technician, engineering role with some data analyzing experience
  • Well organized mental approach, flexibility to modify immediately planned operation according to last minutes issues
  • Great knowledge of English: Speaking and written