Composites Technician

When you join a team that never sits still, that’s hungry to make F1 history with every weld, every code, and every email we write, you wont either. To meet the challenges of competing in the highest class of international motor racing, you’ll help us innovate new ways of getting our team to the top.

Haas F1 is unique on the grid, our most important resource, our soul, is our people, that’s just one reason why you can have so much impact here. Every member of our team is a full contributor to our results on the track, no matter which department or country you work in.  At Haas F1 Team you’ll be involved in many different areas of the team, an assortment of projects and plenty of hands-on experience while collaborating with some of the best minds in the world. Yes, you’ll learn from them, but they expect to learn from you too.

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General Responsibilities:

This position reports to the Race Team Chief Mechanic or their designee; is located in Banbury, UK. Responsible for the assembly, servicing and repair of all composite components fitted to the Haas Formula 1 race car both trackside and at the Banbury factory.

Key Responsibilities

  • Promote teamwork and effective communications to develop working relationships between all personnel and departments.
  • You will ensure that the car is built consistently to the highest standards and meets the relevant set up parameters and all the criteria of the build specification.
  • Responsibility for the condition and build consistency of all wings, bodywork floors and brake ducts ensuring they meet all the relevant set up parameters and quality criteria of the Aerodynamic department.
  • Maintenance of minimum stock levels of components, spares and consumables. Inspection post running of all composite parts and reporting of condition and damage to the Chief Mechanic and travelling Parts Coordinator.
  • Assisting the Parts Coordinator with management of the flow of components between the factory and the track and through the various stages of the servicing and painting process.
  • Accountability for the condition and appearance of the car which should be maintained to the highest levels at all times and ensuring that branding is accurately repeated and matches the requirements of the branding catalogue at all times.
  • You will be expected to be an integral part of the team, take part in pit stops and assist other team members in various tasks as required.
  • Responsibility for the cleanliness and condition of your work area, the garage, the factory and all tools and equipment.
  • Following Engineering procedures and protocols as dictated by the Haas F1 Team pertaining to assembly, operation and safety.
  • Recording and feedback of parameters and incidences as they occur or as requested by the Engineering group.
  • Assist in the set up and operation of the garage and its infrastructure.
  • Follow all safety regulations in all venues.
  • Assumes any responsibilities and duties delegated by the Race Team Chief Mechanic or their designee.

Education and Work Experience

GCSE, High School diploma or equivalent required. Further education including Apprenticeship or University Degree desired. Previous experience as a Composite Technician gained within the field of Formula 1 will be preferred however consideration will be given to a candidate who can demonstrate a sound record of service within the industry.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills  

  • An ability to read and interpret technical drawings and information pertaining to assembly, periodic updates and modifications.
  • A comprehensive understanding of composite repair methods including bond preparation, resin selection and laminating techniques gained in a trackside environment you should be able to apply these skills often in a limited time frame and under pressure.
  • A comprehensive mechanical understanding gained in high level motorsport.
  • The ability to consistently work to the highest standards with an exceptional attitude towards attention to detail.
  • You should be comfortable discussing engineering solutions and requirements, fabrication and machining skills and demonstrate basic computer skills.

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