Sherwood Engines

Sherwood Engines


Specialising in historic race engine builds, our primary focus is on high performance BD variants.

Sherwood Engines was formed and is run by Alan Sherwood and his son, Paul Sherwood.

A highly skilled and accomplished engine builder, Alan has worked at the highest levels of professional motor sport since building his first BDA.

His is a career that has spanned everything from 4 cylinder industrial power units, high performance BDA, BDG's and Lotus Twin cams, through to Le Mans endurance racing.

After serving his apprenticeship at Perkins he built his first BD in 1971. Ten years later he formed MASS Racing, which later merged with Cambridge Motor sport in 1996.

Always looking for a new challenge Alan accepted a position at Zytek Engineering's Engine Technology Division - heading up the development and test department. Working on projects for PANOZ, the work lead to the US, which is where Alan spent the majority of his time developing V8's and V10's and providing his experience, trackside, to the team's engineers.

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Unit 3 Faraday Business Park
Faraday Road, Littleport, Ely