Podium Place

Podium Place


A new destination like no other blending delicious specialty coffee with iconic supercars

Podium Place, Newbury, offers you a one-of-a-kind experience. Marvel at the theatre of coffee roasting, indulge in the sublime flavours of the finest coffee beans and admire the breathtaking beauty of the world’s most desired luxury sports cars, made up of a combination coffee roastery - café - supercar sales showroom.

Art des Unternehmens: 
1-10 Mitarbeiter
Autoverkauf, Fertigung, Motorsport
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Hospitality-Personal, Mechaniker, Verarbeiter (m/w)

Address information


Newbury, UK 01/19/2022
Mechaniker | Einbau, Reparatur und Wartung (Sonstiges) | Verarbeiter (m/w) | Englisch | Experience in motorsport/high-performance vehicle industry

Join us in a fantastic opportunity to design & manufacture a vehicle, based in Newburys favourite automotive destination.