Jim Stokes Workshops Group

Jim Stokes Workshops Group


Jim Stokes Workshops is dedicated to restoring some of the most elegant cars to grace the asphalt. Starting from humble beginnings.

 Jim Stokes Workshops Group has 5 industrial units in Waterlooville and now has a 60+ strong work force, with the experience to work on some of the most elegant and exciting cars ever engineered.

These include the 1932 Le Mans winning 8C 2.3 Alfa Romeo and the 1959 winning Aston Martin DBR1. Using their expertise, they have managed to restore these cars to their original glory, but it doesn’t stop there. The highly skilled team have re-created six Lancia D50s and recently completed a 156 ‘Sharknose’.

With such an impressive resume, Jim Stokes Workshops has become a global player in the restoration business, having manufactures such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lancia, Mercedes and Rolls Royce rolling into their workshops.

A comprehensive restoration service, dedicated to renovating engines and parts to their former glory has allowed Jim Stokes Workshops to continue expanding.

Classics by JSWL is there for any and every classic car owner for repairs, servicing and resotration needs.

Triple M is the manufacturing arm of the Jim Stokes Group, specialising in the production of one-offs or batches of better-than-new engine and ancillary components. 

South Shore has both a bodywork arm and a fabrication arm. Manufacturing anything from a battery box to complete chassis' on the fabrication side gives a range of services for the Group to manufacture a complete vehicle, restore a vehicle or accommodate minor repairs to sills, fuel tanks or fit tonneau covers to keep out the rain! South Shore has been equipped with both the latest labour saving equipment coupled with the machinery to carry out the traditional skills of English wheeling etc

The JSW Group are constantly looking for experienced people to join their ever expanding team.

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