Callies Precision Engine Components

Callies Precision Engine Components


Callies Performance Products began manufacturing high performance crankshafts in 1989. With many years of engineering and employee experience, Callies has grown to be the industry leader for innovative product design. We take pride in staying ahead of the competition with the latest high tech design and manufacturing advantages. By utilizing the latest in computer aided solid modeling and CNC machining centers, Callies is able to offer the best designed, highest quality crankshafts available on the market today. 

Callies Crankshafts are at the top of the industry for quality of finish and reliability. Our precise, no compromise production efforts deliver dimensional accuracy that is second to none. Concentricity and surface finish are the two most desirable features in a high performance crankshaft journal. Each journal must be perfectly concentric to it's specified centerline, and journal surface lobbing (microscopic peaks and valleys in the journal surface) must be limited to no more than .00006" to further enhance oil film integrity at high engine speeds.

Every crankshaft is 100 percent inspected for critical dimensions, and the manufacturing equipment is constantly monitored for tolerance drift and tool degradation. At Callies, quality and durability really are a driving force behind our products.

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