Aero Tec Laboratories LTD

Aero Tec Laboratories LTD


Founded in 1970 as a design and testing facility for ‘flexible composite’ materials, the firm quickly broadened its scope to include the actual fabrication of end products from its own outstanding fibre/elastomer composites. This led to the development of Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL)’s remarkable bladder-type cells, which deform under high-energy impacts.

From ambitious beginnings in engineered inflatables and crashworthy fuel cell bladders, ATL has further spread its technologies into Stainless Steel/Aluminium fabricated tanks, plastic moulded tanks, compensators, accumulators, potable water vessels, self-healing ballistic tanks, bulk storage bladders, water storage devices and scores of similar endeavours.

ATL fuel cells, motorsport refuelling equipment and accessories can be found in a variety of exciting projects including the entire field of F1 for over 25 years, Hybrid Vehicles ‘Airlander’, the Kopter SH09 and the MoD ‘Foxhound’. 

The diversity of ATL products is clearly demonstrated in the Formula One market, where we supply not only every racing fuel bladder on the grid, but also oil tanks, drinks bladders, accumulators, pressure compensators and even battery cooling devices. The technology used in our motorsport Fuel Cells is so advance, it enables us to diversify our flexible fuel tanks range. We can now introduce our fluid transfer systems technology in products we design and manufacture for the Aviation, Subsea and Defences & Security industry. 

Our responsiveness, superior products, continual quest for new and improved technology and the desire to succeed, are not lost on our customers. It is for these reasons that we dominate the motorsport market, and continue to grow at a fast pace in all sectors. ATL is committed to maintaining our position as the premier fuel systems supplier for motorsport and beyond.

Following relocation to a new 105,000 sq ft factory in Bletchley, Milton Keynes in 2013, ATL has more than doubled staff numbers and capacity, as well as invested in significant equipment and building enhancements to meet the ever-increasing demand for ATL advanced fuel systems and technology.  

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251-1.000 Mitarbeiter
Motorsport, Ingenieurdienstleistungen


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