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Rearden Racing


At Rearden we do three things. First, we design, build and service racing cars. Second, we offer "arrive and drive" programs for both club and professional racing clients. Third, we manufacture and distribute a variety of racing-related parts. The business was formed in 2005 with a vision to become a dominant player in professional motorsports. We knew when we started that it would take significant financial resources, an unwavering commitment and many, many years.

Since then, Rearden has become a respected company in the industry, providing dozens of customers with exceptional engineering, first class service and fast cars. With plans to campaign cars once again in the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge series, we hope that some of our hard work will pay off with fast, reliable cars, happy customers and proud sponsors.

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Rearden Racing
Rearden Racing 
Utah’s premier sports car racing team
Utah, USA 12/01/2021
Boxentechniker | Mechaniker | Englisch | pit stop experience, race team experience

We are looking for experienced GT3 race mechanics!

For the 2022 season and testing starting now.


Mechanic responsibilities include but not limited to: